Photo Contest

Every year, we host one to two photography contests providing a platform for participants to showcase their work and receive constructive criticism. The winning piece is voted on by our members with the photographer being revealed in the end. The results are announced at our general meeting where the winner will receive an award and explain how they took the picture.

Photo contest winners

Winter of 2020

Home Cooking While Shelter-in-place Theme: “Home Chef”  by Henry Lim

Summer of 2019

Wildlife Theme: “Let me take a look!”  by Grace Chen

Winter of 2018

Food Theme: “Ice Cream Cone”  by Henry Lim

Summer of 2018

People Theme: “I have my pipe, I have my dog, life is good!”  by William Au

“An old farmer, a minority tribe in the province of Yunnan, enjoying his pipe after a day of work.”

Winter of 2017

Autumn Theme: “Autumn”  by Henry Lim

Summer of 2017

Night Theme: “外灘夜景”  by Lawrence Siu

“Night Shot at Shanghai using a point-n-shot camera. Slightly adjusted contrast and brightness.”

Winter of 2016

B&W Theme: “Vasquez Rocks”  by Steven Leung

“Magnificent formation of rocks.”

Winter of 2015

Open Theme: “乘风破浪”  by Philip Chia

“Snapshot of seagulls flying over a speed boat in Myanmar.”

Summer of 2015

Open Theme: “Sunset Walk in Malin Street”  by Philip Chia

“Snapshot of people walking in street of Milan at sunset.”