About Us

The Elk Grove Chinese Association (EGCA) Photography Club was formed in February, 2006. It was first proposed by a few members who love photography and desired to exchange ideas by having a club with regular gatherings. The council supported the idea and appointed council member Mr. Pat Eng to be the person in charge of the photography club.

The first club meeting was held at Mr. Pat Eng’s home in the evening of March 12, 2006. There were seven initial members attended the founding meeting. After discussion, they reached the agreement on the following declarations of the birth of the photography club:

  • Name: Elk Grove Chinese Association (EGCA) Photography Club
  • Mission: To educate and improve photographical techniques; to exchange experiences and ideas
  • Activities: Meeting once a month, in seminars, critic of members’ works, and exchanging experiences; participating association’s activities and taking advantage of picture taking opportunities to produce quality pictures.

From March to October, there have been five seminars and two practice sessions held. Professional artist and photographer Mr. Richard Yang has made several special presentations, from basic traditional optical camera knowledge to composition in reference of classical paintings in lighting and structure. In August, the club invited Chinese and United States renowned artiest maestro Mr. Shanfu Zhao, an EGCA member, to give two seminars entitled “The Discussion of the photographic composition in Reference to the Principles of Painting Composition.” Mr. Zhao discussed the similarity and differences of photography and painting. He also included a presentation with application of classical music and cartoon movie to photography. With vivid descriptions and witty references, Mr. Zhao’s seminars attracted a full audience in the Engs’ home. After these seminars, discussions, and field practices, every member has experienced the improvement of their photography in various degrees. The membership of the photography club has also increased to average attendance of twelve members in the monthly meeting.

It is just a beginning of a young club. There are many projects and plans in discussion. Stay tune for its development.

By Pat Eng
October 26, 2006

First Gathering Pictures