Webmaster Team

The Elk Grove Chinese Association Webmaster Team is led by an IT professional and student volunteers supporting the architect, design, and update of the EGCA website. Any EGCA members of all ages are welcome to join if you have the passion to help. We are in need of wide varieties of talents including web design, graphic design, photograph, promoting, translating, writing in Chinese or English, detail oriented characteristic, etc. Community service hour will be granted. Contact us if you are interested to be part of our team.

Thank you for visiting the Elk Grove Chinese Association (EGCA) website. My name is Eric Wong. It is my honor and privilege to serve the Chinese community in Elk Grove through EGCA as a Webmaster and Web Team Mentor. Having a degree in Management Information Systems and twenty years of working experience in the Information Technology industry enable me to assist the Web Team members to learn building and maintaining EGCA website. Most of the labor intensive and repetitive jobs will be replaced by technology in the near future. Therefore, the need for IT specialist will only increase tremendously amount future workforce. I highly recommend any middle school or high school students to join our web team to gain valuable experience to prepare for your college advancement and career endeavor.

Hi, my name is Wayne. I’m a student from Cosumnes Oaks High School. I have many hobbies, one of which is music. I play piano, violin, as well as play clarinet for the school band.
Helping Eric with updating the website, I learned a lot about the internet as well as the history of EGCA. I hope that through our efforts, the EGCA web will provide an artistic display of the activities in our organization.
Thanks for visiting!